New Eden
New Eden's goal is to see positive transformation in people's health.

New Eden Offers a Variety of  Cutting Edge Natural Health and Holistic Services Which Include:

* Naturopathic Approaches to Wellness

* Modality (Device) for enhancing blood flow, cellular oxygen   and detoxification 

Anti-Aging and Longevity Programs Designed  to Support   Telomere and Stem Cell Health                       

* Functional Medicine

* Sports Recovery Support

* Optimizing Wellness Based on Bio-Individuality

* Pulsed Electro-magnetic Wave Therapy (PEMF)

If you are experiencing any of the following, New Eden Wellness is the place for you:

* Stress or fatigue

* Aches or stiffness

* Swelling and tightness of the legs and ankles

* Brain fog or forgetfulness

* Weakness or lack of strength

* Poor immunity or poor circulation

Our Wellness Center is a Place of Holistic Care

email us and join the millions of people that have chosen Natural Health & Holistic Wellness. We offer online services / phone consultations, and local appointments at our Algonquin, Illinois location.

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Email: [email protected]

Lawrence DeSantis, CFMP, ND, D.PSc

Naturopath and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner


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1196 E. Algonquin Road

Algonquin, Illinois



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