New Eden
New Eden's goal is to see positive transformation in people's lives; mind, body and spirit.

New Eden Offers a Variety of  Cutting Edge Online Natural Health and Holistic Services Which Include:
Naturopathic Consultation

* Modality for enhancing blood flow, the body's nutrient and          oxygen and waste disposal   

Anti-Aging Programs

Detoxification Programs

* Organ and Body Systems Support                            

* Wellness Screenings

* Enhancement of Sports Recovery

The Importance of a Naturopathic Consultation

A naturopathic or wholistic health assessment and consultation is one of the most important things to consider in life when it comes to well-being.
This type of assessment can give you information and guidance on:
- Genetic strengths and weaknesses in your body
- Toxicity that hinders wellness
- Dietary, nutrient, and lifestyle factors that hinder achieving optimal wellness in your life
- Anti-aging and weight management guidance specifically for your bio-individuality.

We highly recommend a consultation and also a yearly assessment to ensure optimal wellness in your life and body.

Our Wellness Center is a Place of Holistic Care

email us and join the millions of people that have chosen Natural Health & Holistic Wellness. We do offer local appointment services in our Algonquin, Illinois location.

Health and Longevity Screenings

What does Hydrogen Rich Water do for you? 

Hydrogen stops the oxidative chain reaction sequence. In scientific terms: it reduces oxidation which leads to aging and disease

 Body System Support

After detoxification of organs and anatomical body systems, it is important to support weak areas that need rebuilding through good nutrition and effective natural health products and Services.

Longevity testing 
Telomere Saliva Test

Natural Health Products






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